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The Ultimate Birth Yantra Reading is for everyone who seeks to add another dimension to the process of understanding one's career path and the process of self-knowledge.

Revealed for the first time in English: A laser-focused guideline to unlock your secret talents and a "cheat code" to have wealth pouring into your life.

Working with only the Ascendant, the Sun and the Moon sign can be limiting. The knowledge of the Vara and Hora, the weekday and the hour of birth, are a very efficient way to understand your talent and your way to wealth.

We turn to Astrology to understand ourselves and others better, why and how we are different from others, to find huge life hacks and shortcuts, to quench our curiosity about how the universe is coded and to learn about archetypes within ourselves and others.

To know about that, Astrology has various interconnected tools:

  • The Ascendant

  • The Zodiacs

  • The Planets

  • The Houses

These tools are great! No doubt about that. Good Astrologers can paint a very comprehensive picture of your life based on this “colour pallet”.

What more is possible?

Imagine adding another dimension to this mix. A 4th and even a 5th dimension, that allows you to look behind the curtain of our 3D world and allows you to have a more comprehensive picture of your birth chart, beyond the basic Astrological chart based on the basic tools of Astrology. A 4th and 5th dimension that will bend space and make the whole universe fit inside your palm.

That is possible with the knowledge of the Vara (Weekday) and Hora (The Lord of the Hour of Birth). This knowledge has been revealed to me by my Teacher Arya Bhrigu. It is part of the Vedic heritage. The Astrological knowledge of the Vedas is the oldest in the world, dating back millions of years, even before the dawn of humanity. Maharishi Bhrigu and other higher dimensional Sages of the Vedic times have handed this knowledge down through disciplic successions, and my Astrology teacher Arya Bhrigu is a disciple in such a lineage. 

I have been fortunate enough to learn for over 4 years from Arya Bhrigu and for the first time in English Language I reveal that knowldge to the public, here on this website! This is the only place in the whole entire world wide web, that you will read about the knowledge of the Vara and Hora! 

Who are you talking to?

My name is Madan Gopal Das, and I have been in the trenches of Vedic knowledge since 20 years. I was born and raised in Switzerland, where I currently live with my wife and three children. 2011 I received my name Madan Gopal Das by taking initiation in the Gaudiya Vaishnava Tradition from my spiritual master, Sripad Chaitanya Chandra Das. Once I came into contact with the sacred science of Vedic Astrology through a friend of my father-in-law, who was a very elevated brahmana from South India, I could very quickly pick up its metaphysical concepts, thanks to the strong foundation in the Vedic philosophy and the Sanskrit literature, that I gained under the guidance of my spiritual master. The basics of chart reading based on the planets, the zodiacs, the rulership of the houses and dashas I learned between 2013 and 2019;

After 2019 I seriously started to study under my astrology teacher Arya Brighu, who comes in the line of Maharishi Bhrigu. I soon realised that the techniques I was learning from guruji were out of this world. It could not be compared in clarity and depth to anything we might find in online courses, books or even by studying Sanskrit literature directly. 

What do clients say?



Some time after the Black Lives Matter revolts took place in the US and in other countries, I searched the net for astrologers who had accurately predicted such events. That's how I stumbled over a video named "Civil wars in May?" at Vedic Spirituality, which aroused my curiosity. So I contacted the astrologer and author.

Personally, I've been into astrology for some 30 years now, and all I can say is that this man is pure gold. Though still rather new to the subject, he shows every sign of becoming a master of Jyotish. No nonsense.

Moreover, we recently Skyped and he turned out to be a very charming person, one which I would highly recommend to anyone who takes this Art seriously.



I had a very nice astrology session with Madan Gopal Das. It helped me very much to find clarity. I was deeply touched by some of the replies I received. He also helped me to recognize connections in my life that were not clear to me. I found answers in that session, to put what I often and since long years feel in a line. I enjoyed very much his kindness, understanding and patience.

This is your chance to deepen your connection to yourself, to the stars, and beyond!

Well, it might sound cheesy, but there is a good reason that you have come to this website and that you have read that far already! You are hungry for more, and here is the place where your hunger will be satiated

In the Video above you have already learend about the charachterisics of the plantes that govern your Vara and Hora. You have heard about your Svara, and also the special gift that supports your Vara and Hora. (If not yet, you should do so;) )

There is more to know! In Astrology everything is interconnected! Everything influences everything. And here is it, were it gets really juicy! Your Vara and Hora and your special gift, they interact with your birth chart. They are placed in certain houses, in certain zodiacs and they have also a relationship to each other! And if you are ready, I will compile a report for you that will tell you all of this: The Ultimate Birth Yantra Reading!

This worldwide unique report will tell you the following:

The Ultimate Birth Yantra Reading!

  • The Zodiac of your Action
  • The Houses of your Action
  • Your special Gift
  • Your Power of Manifestation
  • The Most Sublime Expression of your Talent

This is the power of theVara and Hora


This is an example of a previous client of mine. 
She is studying in a business school and has big ambitions for a big business in the future. The question is, what business should she start?

Based on her being born on Thursday (ruled by Jupiter), I could amaze her with the prediction that she likes to work with children. And Yes, she is a passionate babysitter
Saturn the Lord if the Hour is slightly in lower degree from Jupiter, indicates that she is taking away the stress from the parents as service
The whole thing happens in Taurus which indicates rural areas. So the ideal business for her is running a daycare in a natural, rural setting, that will take away the stress from the parents. All happens in the 2nd house of caretaking and in the 1st from the moon, which indicates the development of primary skills that toddlers and preschoolers need! 

This suggestion greatly resonated with her and gave her great peace, since she gained hope to not be stuck in the cooperative rat race for the rest of her life, while doing waht she loves. 

Such a pinpointed suggestion would not have been possible by only considering the Ascendant, Moon and Sun sign. That is the power of the “laser-focused” guideline to unlock the talent and the path of a fulfilled career with the knowledge of the Vara and Hora.


This is an example of William Patrick Corgan, the lead singer and songwriter of the Smashing Pumpkins. His Vara and Hora should be reflecting his career, right? And it does! He was born on a Friday, and Venus is exactly connected to Arts and Entertainment. Being conjucted to Rahu, explains the Genre of Music. Rahu signifies all things strange as well as dark. The Music of the Smashing Pumpkins can only with difficulty put into a certain box. Venus is in Aries, that shows that with his work he is pioneering and pushing the boundaries of music. Aries is also getting realized in the age of 20. So He could get success at a young age. Venus in the 12th from the Moon and 8th from the Ascendant, shows difficulties in the Carrier path, ups and downs. He lost band members. Some by Accident.

The Hora Lord is Jupiter, the planet of creativity and Jupiter is exalted, which shows an abundance of creative energy. Something very important for a songwriter. Jupiter is in the 4th from Venus. In his work, he is able to touch the emotions. That is amplified again, since Jupiter is in the emotional sign of Cancer. Millions of Fans will attest to that! Yet again Venus the Lord of the Vara is in the 10th house of the Hora Jupiter, that shows that in his path to wealth, publicity and fame play a big part. As we can see. The use of the Vara and Hora paint a very clear picture of the talent and career of Billy Corgan.


The next example is my own chart. I am born on a Saturday. Saturday is ruled by Saturn.  Saturn in is the 6th house from the Ascendant, in the 5th house from the moon and in the 10th house from Mercury. My Talent has to do with creatively applying myself into the world (5th), being of service to others, (6th) and making things public (10th). And this comes from Scorpio the natural 8th House, the house of secret knowledge. Is it not what I am doing right here? I’m serving you, by creatively presenting hidden knowledge. I’m presenting the hidden knowledge of the Vara and Hora publicly on the internet and social media. Scorpio gets realized at the age of 36 and Saturn as well matures at the age of 36. I’m born 1986, therefore only now, in my second half of life, I start to connect more to my purpose. 

Mercury, the planet of Communication, is the lord of the hour. The Talent, indicated by Saturn, is expressed through Mercury, who is placed in the 4th house  from Saturn. In my work as an astrologer, the 4th house matters of psychology and inner well-being are very prominent. Mercury in Aquarius also brings in an altruistic tendency into the mix. 

Is it not wonderful, how accurately we can describe the talents by the use of the Vara and Hora!

The only place on the internet you can get a comprehensive report about your Vara and Hora!

Not even $1000s can buy you this information. Simply because no on knows about it.

How would you price a report like that? Actually for me it is priceless. It helps me deeply to connect to myself and my purpose, which cannot be compared to any amount of money. Spiritual knowledge should be free. The only real way to pay it really is by appreaciateing it for the jewel it is.  

This knowledge of astrology is part of the Vedas (The Sanskrit liturature of anciant India). The Bhagavad-gita is know as the essence of the Vedas. In the Bhagavad-gita, Krishna says, “Vedaiś ca sarvair aham eva vedyo, by all the Vedas, I am to be known.” The goal of the Vedas is it ultimatly to connect every single indiviual soul with the surpreme soul. To connect the atma with the paramatma. As part of the Veda, Astrology shares the same goal. That is the ultimate donation for the exchange of this knowledge. The ultimate real price for getting it, is that we take it serious and connect our soul to the God. 

That is the the traditional way this knowledge is past from the predeseccors to the next generation. And that must happen within the heart. This knowledge cannot be sold and bought like an ordinary commodity. The exchange happens on the level of the heart and consiousness.

I would like to invite you to this exchange! I would like to invite you on the last and biggest adventure, the Vedic adventure of developing your spiritual consciousness. Therefore along with the report I want to give you supporting bonuses:

The Birth Yantra Meditation

Spiritual knowledge and charachter building happens predominantly in the subconsciousness. With this 20-minute professionally guided meditation, you can connect to your Birth Yantra on a very deep level, and activate its protection. You will be able to invoke the deep meaning and the protection of your Birth Yantra always. 

The Hymn of the Ten Avataras

A song in Sanskrit, glorifying the activities of the ten incarnations of Krishna. All the planets in your chart will be appeased by listening to its sound vibration and meditating about its meaning. You will get an audio recording and an elaborate eBook with the translation and purport.

The Maha-Mantra Compilation

The sound vibration of mantras is the most potent remedy for astrological shortcomings and awakening higher consciousness. Among all the mantras, the Hare Krishna Mantra is called the maha-mantra, the supreme mantra of all. You get 5 selected Hare Krishna maha-mantra meditations you can listen to and benefit from

Though in the ultimate sense the exchange of this spiritual knowledge has to happen in the heart, and I very much hope it will, neverthless there is a rule in Astrology that you cannot go deeply into someones chart without an energetic equalisation. Therefore some sort of exchange must be there. Otherwise it is neither beneficial for you nor for me. In this online setting, the easiet way of exchange is the exhange of a donation.

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