Your Ultimate Birth Yantra Reading includes three Bonuses: "The Planet Meditation", "The Zodiac Meditation", "The Birth Yantra Meditation".

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Are your ready for an astrological eye opener?  You might have read other astrological reports before, but "The Ultimate Birth Yantra Reading"  illuminates astrological aspects of your personality, that since centuries were not considered by any astrologer.  Only by the grace of my teacher, Arya Bhrigu, I am able to present this "long lost knowledge" for the very first time in the English language.

Have you been left unsatisfied by previous readings and reports? It is because, there is so much more in your birth chart, then the current astrological community has to offer!

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This you will get from "The Ultimate Birth Yantra Reading!"

  • The Zodiac of your Action

    Your star sign, your Moon sign, and your ascendant describe your personality, but the day and the hour describe your action, choice and how you earn your wealth. The Zodiac of these very crucial planets, bear very important information , that you must be aware of!

  • The Houses of your Action

    The 12 houses give information, which area of life and which type of activities are involved. The houses activate by your weekday and hour of birth are important for your earning and success in your job or enterprise.

  • Your special Gift

    The Days and the nights of the 7 weekdays are holding hidden treasures. These special gifts are there for you to tap in. Become aware and harness your hidden power!

  • Your Power of Manifestation

    The elements of the Planets, that rule your day and hour, reveal your power of manifestation.

  • The Most Sublime Expression of your Talent

    The Avataras of the planets, that rule your day and hour, are the manifestation of the purest version of the planets energies. Their pastimes and teachings, are like blue prints for a life of peace, bliss, success and fulfillment.


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