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What is your Birth Yantra?

The Birth Yantra, according to the teachings of Maharishi Bhrigu, leads you to realize your talent and the path to wealth

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Most of the astrology deals with the question, “Who am I and what makes me tick?” You may look at your Sun sign, your Moon sign or your Ascendant, and they will tell you just that. 
The Birth Yantra, on the other hand, will tell you in addition to that, specifically what is your talent and how you can earn money

The knowledge about the Birth Yantra is a well-kept secret in the line of Bhrigu Astrology. It is here, on this Website, for the first time publicists in English

The Birth Yantra consists of three components:

The Weekday

The Weekdays from Monday to Sunday are one of the 5 limbs of time! They are very important but rarely considered astrological significations.

The Hora

The Hora, is the Lord of the hour of your birth. Each 60 min of the 24h of a day are ruled by one of the planets. The lord of the hour of your birth is a very important aspect of your chart.

The Svara

The 16 vowels of the Sanskrit alphabet have a mystical application. Each 90 min of the 24h of a day are ruled by one of the Sanskrit vowels.

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