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Why Your Birth Yantra?

  • Talents

    We are all born under a specific combination of planetary influences and our talents, and activities are shaped and colored by these energies. Wearing the Yantra that represents the planets that correspond with your birth, will help you to connect to your Talents.

  • Dharma

    Talents are what we can do and dharma is more what we should do. If we act according to our inherent nature, success comes easily, if we are in denial we struggle. Contemplating your Yantra of birth will help the mind to sync with your inherent nature (dharma).

  • Choices

    If you are aware of your talents and strengths and if you are in sync with your dharma you are in a position that will allow making the right choices. Wearing and contemplating the Yantra of your birth will help you to make the right choices.

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Vedic Astrology

“Life on Earth “by the heavens.”

— Vedic Wisdom —

How is your Yantra formed?

  • Vara - The Weekday

    From Sunday to Saturday, each day is ruled by one of the seven physical grahas (planets). Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. The Planet that rules the day of your birth will define the shape of the outside of the yantra. Important to note is, that in Vedic consideration, the day starts at sunrise and not at midnight.

  • Hora - The Lord of the Hour

    Every Hour (60min) of the day, starting from the Sunrise, is ruled by another one of the seven planets. The first hour is ruled by the same planet that rules the Vara (day of the week) and the next hour is ruled by another planet in a specific sequence.

  • Svara - The Voval of your birth

    The Sanskirt alphabet knows 16 vowels, called Savara. Each of these Svara have a ruling deity, a nature, and a power that is implied by its nature. Starting from the sunrise, every 90 min of the day, the is the 16th part of the day, is ruled by one of the svaras.

  • Male / Female

    For female-born individuals, the outer shape of the yantra will be displayed with lotus petals. For male-born individuals, the outer shape of the yantra is displayed with sharp corners.

Vara, Hora and Svara

“ The Lord of the Vara (weekday) and the Lord of the Hora (hour)
give information about your

“ The Svara connects to your birthtime and allows your nature and your power. ”

— The Teachings of Maharishi Brighu—

Planets - "Shapes and Colours"

The Sun

The Sun corresponds with the number 1 and its shape is of a circle (female) or a drop (male). The Color of the Sun is reddish colors like the sunrise and sun set.

The Moon

The Moon corresponds with the number 2 and its shape is a crescent (female) or an eye (male). The Color of the Moon is milky white and light shades of grey.


Mars corresponds with the number 3 and its shape is a lotus with three petals (female) or a triangle or star with three corners (male). The Color of Mars is dark red like blood.


Mercury corresponds with the number 4 and its shape is a lotus with four petals (female) or a square or star with four corners (male). The Color of Mercury is green with all its shades.


Jupiter corresponds with the number 5 and its shape is a lotus with five petals (female) or a pentagon or a pentagram (male). The Color of Jupiter is yellow with all its shades.


Venus corresponds with the number 6 and its shape is a lotus with six petals (female) or a hexagon or a hexagram (male). The Color of Venus is white with colorful shades.


Saturn corresponds with the number 7 and its shape is a lotus with seven petals (female) or a heptagon or a heptagram (male). The Color of Saturn is blue and black with its shades.


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